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Annual Conferences

A wide variety of management conferences and seminars are available to give new graduates and recently employed individuals an idea of what is involved in these type of reas jobs. Attending these can help young people make decisions as to the management position they would enjoy the most.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) sponsors an Annual Conference and Exposition. This "biggest exposition" of its kind will take place in Orlando, Florida, in 2014. Participating companies include: PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program, Movieline, Healthy Achievers, Indiana Wesleyan University, NetTime Solutions, Nirefuel, Bunchball, etc. This variety of choices means that those who attend have great opportunities to learn about managerial positions and what is involved in those jobs through each organization. A Mobile App will be used during the conference to notify participants about scheduled updates and changes in the stated program.

Concurrent sessions at the conference last 75 minutes. Attendees should plan a schedule ahead of time in order to include all the sessions that cover areas of most interest to them. It is best to make a first, second and third option for each time slot. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, so early arrival is a must. The session planner provided will help attendees plan ahead.

The American Political Science Association Conference takes place annually at the end of June and is sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies. The session on 'Liberty and the Art of Teaching' encourages exceptional teaching. The workshop includes young faculty members and advanced graduate student together to discuss best university classroom practices with current expert teachers. They cover topics such as encouraging critical thinking in students, positive use of technology, online techniques, principles of course design, classroom tactics and how to meld classical and liberal insights into teaching.

Vigorous discussion offers opportunities to share ideas informally. More than 50 lecturers and participants who care and teach using liberal ideas and excellence in teaching lead the discussions. Scholars and teachers in the social sciences and humanities will directly benefit from these seminars. Group meals and a reception Saturday evening provide time for interaction and conversation to continue after the sessions end.

The Luxembourg Income Study Center (LIS) takes place in June-July annually. The one-week workshop introduces attendees to comparative research in income distribution, social policy and employment using the Luxembourg Income Study Database. Their database includes income micro-data collected over the last several decades. Their workshop is led by LIS directors, staff and invited lecturers. World Bank/LIS Gender Research Award Winners and recipients of the Annual Aldi Hagenaars Memorial Award also present their papers at the conference.

Instruction is in English. Researchers with varying levels of experience and knowledge are encouraged to apply and attend. LIS doesn't offer full or partial scholarships; so the attendees are responsible for both the tuition and transportation to and from Luxembourg.

The International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) sponsors a seminar annually in June or July. Applications are requested by February. The association encourages practitioners and scholars to develop and disseminate materials regarding understanding and lessening conflict in society, the family, organizations and internationally. Papers and proposals for workshops or symposia are encouraged. These should include new material in one or more of the general content areas: conflict research methods; emotions and conflict; ethnic, religious and regional conflicts; diversity and identity in conflict; law and social conflict; mediation; negotiation processes; relational and family conflict; verbal and nonverbal communication in conflict; etc.

These are only a few of the seminars and conferences available that can help new or recent graduates decide the area of management they would like to step into beginning their future careers.

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